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Not the beginning nor the last, the Valentino Fall Winter 2016 Bag Collection is very, I mean really very, extensive. It started with introducing ‘what they do best’, the Rockstud Collection in Noir, Rouge and Camouflage. Then they got inspired by the butterflies flying around their garden, why not mix the camouflage with butterflies right? And then what you got? The ValentinoCamubutterfly Collection.

Now presenting Valentino true Fall winter 2016 Bag Collection with vintage styles and ancient golden charms. But there is one bag which makes your heart melts and it has to do with the ‘mini bag era’.


Take a look at the super cute small Valentino Garavani Rockstud Tote Bag, hint: it fits perfectly on your hand. It’s gorgeous that you will want to flaunt it forever on the weekends.

The Valentino Garavani Rockstud Small Tote Bag comes with a small double handle, made from calfskin. It’s refined with platinum studs detailing and you also gets a detachable studded strap to carry around your arms, in case you want to free your hands. There is a zip pocket and two open pockets for your smartphone in the interior. Measuring 9’ x 8’ x 5.5’

But there are more…

All the classics have returned, from patent to fringes, from large to small sized bags, from studded clutches to Zodiakos bags. And? What do you think about the Valentino Fall Winter 2016 Bag Collection so far?
























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Valentino must be thinking about their next move, so far they’ve introduced collections that were beyond our expectation, like the Rouge Absolute Signature Collection, the creative Camubutterfly Collection and their latest Fall 2014 Collection that were cut into three pieces; the rockstud in Noir, Rouge and Camouflage, beautiful.

The Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign didn’t showed much details, the pictures are in black and white, but the model is holding one of the latest bags – made from leather and printed with a large V on the front. It’s embellished with a leather strap to carry around your shoulder, the design is quite simple.

But this is just a teaser; we expect an abundance of choices and can’t wait for its release date.


At the second picture, the model shared her back, wearing a dotted jacket, probably in red, white and black. However, we would love to see more accessories from Valentino. Stay tuned for the updates.

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RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


The pre-fall 2016 collections have just begun. We have barely entered winter of 2015 as well! I don’t know about you, but these guys are going to kill us with the line-ups appearing so early when we are dreaming of summer instead. Then again, sometimes the pre-fall has some incredible looks to share, which is where the RED Valentinopre-fall 2016 collection comes in with gusto.

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

As we know, the RED line is the little sister to Valentino with a very sweet attitude, though the 2016 world will be full of the strangest looks Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have come up with yet. With inspirations taken from Robert Altman’s iconic movie from the 1970s, one called 3 Women, it somehow included hints of a pregnant woman from the California desert that Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek change identities with, except on a more sophisticated level. RED is normally very girly and that is what we love about it, but it seems that even little girls are meant to grow up, as Valentino so easily reminds us.

The collection has a very ‘70s feel to it, as could be expected due to the inferences made to the film throughout, one particular piece that catches our attention being a long and lean silhouette in a suede trench coat with flower and bird embroideries. We see midi skirts appearing, as opposed to the minis that are often the case in this label. We even have the black backgrounds with retro flower prints throughout, something uncommon to RED.

We do have the pastels as well, so fans should refrain from having the heart attacks just yet. The collection in of itself is quite charming, full of sheer, high necked prairie dresses as well. There is crocheted knitwear to be found among the 50-odd collection, with some lovely romantic frills filling in the gaps, tying the sister collection to the main Valentino trends appearing on the SS 2016 runway a few weeks back.

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

What we love quite a bit within the RED Valentino pre-fall 2016 lineup shown are the evening dresses, particularly one that is a black point d’esprit covered in sequined floral appliques. In terms of the more casual wear, we are in love with the youthful yellow sunshine romper with the off the shoulder appeal, cinched in waist and pretty ruffles.

We find a whole lot of pinks, yellows and nudes, along with pieces that bare the shoulders as is the biggest trend on the runway for the spring and summer, or have high necks and full length sleeves, as is also a really big trend. We see socks worn with ankle strapped d’Orsay shoes, as well as knee high boots under transparent ankle length dresses, with full ruffles and a high waist pair of shorts and bandeau set in purple underneath. There is denim to be found, along with lots and lots of suede and practically every outfit featuring something transparent. We even have some fur here and there and those high waist culottes are simply to die for.

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

RED Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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Are Valentino’s Rockstuds a Classic?

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For most brands, a distinctive, successful line of shoes or bags can be expected to remain popular for only a couple of years before it needs to be moved to the back burner in favor of what the brand hopes will be its Next Big Thing. With designers producing four collections a year, consumers need constant newness, and it’s rare that anything jumps the tracks to become a classic. But maybe Valentino has done it.

It’s hard to declare anything a true “classic” that’s debuted in the relatively recent past, and Valentino’s first Rockstuds graced their first runway five years ago next month, during the brand’s Spring 2011 show in Paris. At the time, I wasn’t into the line at all, but they’ve long since won me over. Ever since then, Valentino has been making the bags and shoes in a seemingly never-ending stream of colors, sizes, shapes and combinations. There is a Rockstud for everyone, and those who buy one bag or pair of shoes seem often to keep going.

The line’s popularity just keeps chugging along, and although Valentino has introduced lots of designs that aren’t reliant on the look in the past few seasons, the Rockstuds show no signs of going away or losing consumer favor. Although we occasionally hear from people who are sick of the studs’ ubiquity, plenty of other consumers continue to vote with their dollars. After all, for every classic, there are contrarians who are ready and willing to tell you they don’t know what all the fuss is about.

I’ve seen this discussion go down everywhere from my Twitter mentions to an episode ofKeeping Up With The Kardashians, and I’m betting all of you have some thoughts on whether the Rockstuds have yet managed to transcend their seasonal roots. Personally, I’m not sure enough time has passed to tell definitively, but if I had to pick a side, I’d guess we’ll be seeing Rockstuds and chic arms and feet for a long time to come.

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