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This bright cheery clutch from Hermes is an all-new bag (well, not exactly new since it is claimed that this design was inspired by another previously released in the 30s) that features a V-shaped clasp that actually looks like a fortune cookie if you ask us. Is that maybe why it is called the Fortunio?

And with the first colour launched in Orange Poppy (which in our opinion is the perfect shade for this summery June), the 29.5 cm by 19.6 cm Evercolor leather clutch is also rather sizeable so it will pretty much fit most of your everyday essentials within the two inner compartments, with space for a small notebook and writing materials for jotting down important notes (or sketching images) on the go.

This clutch has yet to hit our local stores, so stay tuned for more information. Otherwise, you could check the Hermès stores overseas if you’re travelling, where it retails at USD5900.

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It looks like the bi-color trend is picking up the phase in the world of fashion. Taking its cue and knowing when to strike while the iron is hot, Hermes takes the lead by introducing to the bag community its Bi-Color Birkin Bag.

A classic and an iconic fashion staple, the Birkin is a favorite among bag enthusiasts and this time around we are seeing it in haute couture bi-color design. As you can see, the handles and the sangles are in the same brownish color while the canvas itself is sporting a bold and solid color thus complementing and contrasting one another. The touret and the plaque on the other hand are in gold-tone hardware. Lastly, the Hermes logo is tastefully and artfully placed in the upper middle for snappy brand recognition.

This might come as a surprise for many but who doesn’t love to see a new bicolor Birkin bag, right? Every now and then, seeing significant changes in our cult favorite Birkin is definitely a pick-me-upper and puts us in a good mood. We do think that the bicolor design does more good than harm as it allows the Birkin Bag to continue and push it to reach the zenith of icon status.


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Who would have thought that a shopping bag could look as good as the Hermes Silk Shopping Bag?

Meet the bag that’s made from lightweight material, that is, 100% silk. This Hermes shopping bag is perfect to bring around especially if you’re out there making last minute grocery shopping on a weekend.

For the eco-conscious women, this Hermes Silk Shopping Bag is an alternative to using plastics as you can reuse it as often as you’d like. Jumping in on the reusable bag bandwagon that not only appeals to eco-minded shoppers, but also help protect the environment. Hermes really hit it off with these stylish and fashion-forward silk shopping bags, which come in different colors and artful designs that you can choose from.

A perfect carry-all bag to bring especially while you’re shopping, it also features a front pocket that can hold your wallet or coin purse! Measures 15” x 12.3” inches and is priced $550 USD via Hermes boutiques.












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What To Look For In A Hermes Bag Replica

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What To Look For In A Hermes Bag Replica

A Hermes bag replica is the solution when you don’t have a huge budget to satisfy your fashion cravings. But what should you look at to make sure your future Hermes knock off will be as close as it gets to an original?

Hermes bags are iconic fashion items almost every woman would like to own one. The bad news is that it costs a fortune and few of them can afford buying one. The celebrities are the ones that can be spotted with their expensive bags. That’s why probably more and more women would like to get at least one. These bags are must-haves.

What to look at when buying a Hermes bag replica?

Since an authentic Hermes is so expensive, women have searched for a more affordable solution. That solution has proved to be a Hermes Bag Replica in many cases. Even so, buying a replica doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good one. It can be almost identical to an original or it can be the worst you have seen, having nothing to do with a Hermes. That is why one must pay attention to a few details before purchasing a replica bag. Let’s see what these details are.

The label

The stamp on an authentic Hermes is clean and well proportioned. It should be the same on a good replica bag. The writing should look as if it’s part of the leather, not above or a separate part of it. Also, it is located closely to the stitching.

The shape

The shape you should be looking for is crisp and rigid. You don’t want to buy anything that’s too soft or doesn’t sit up straight. Also, the handles have to sit up straight. Don’t buy anything that has rounded to soft handles.

The stitching

Like in most of the cases of luxury brand bags, all the elements have to look perfect and so is the stitching. It has to be smooth and neat. No stitch has to be loose. Every Hermes handbag is manufactured by an artisan and that is why they look so perfect. In the case of a Hermes bag replica, they most probably aren’t hand made, but the stitching still has to be very good and look as close as possible to that of a real one.

The hardware

The hardware should have some Hermes engravings on it. The writing has to be thin, not too pronounced or thick. It all has to look very clean. Also, all the hardware has to be metallic. A bad Hermes bag replica feature plastic hardware, so, if you can, check if it’s metal or plastic. The zippers are made “in-house” by Hermes so they will have to have the engraving on them.

The price

Just like in the case of a real Hermes bag, the price matters for replicas too. If you want to buy a good replica bag, you have to look for something that’s more expensive than the rest of the knock off bags. Of course you won’t pay the price of an authentic one (starting from $6500) but a replica that will cost less than $200 isn’t worth it.

So, if you are planning to buy yourself a Hermes bag replica do some research beforehand and then apply what you know on what you are looking at. If you’re buying it online, make sure the pictures are of their replica bags and look closely to all the important details I’ve mentioned. A very good replica website is Pursevalley. The products available are high-quality and follow closely the originals. The collection is pretty variate so you can find almost any model you wish to have.

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The Birkin Continues to Make Headlines

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The Birkin holds supreme status in the handbag world, but it is also getting its fair share of attention in all facets of media. The Hermes Birkin is just a hot topic! Its shocking price tag, mysterious exclusivity, and aesthetic appeal leaves everyone intrigued. PurseBop is here to keep you in the loop about the latest Hermes Birkin news. Read below and see how the Birkin has impressed the world yet again.
#1 New Record-Breaking Birkin Sold
As reported by CNN, a Birkin recently sold at the auction house Christie’s is being described as a piece of “fashion history.” This past Monday, May 30th, an exotic Birkin was sold by a private Asian collector for $300,168 making it the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction. The bag was truly exceptional: a matte white Diamond Himalaya Niloticus crocodile Birkin 30 with 18k white gold and diamond hardware. The Diamond Himalayan Birkin is an iconic, but very rare Hermes piece. Christie’s reported in a prior press release that “only one or two of the Diamond Himalayas are produced each year, globally, making it one of the lowest production runs for handbags.”

The final sale of $300,168 surpassed Christie’s bidding predictions of around $190,000 to $260,000. This particular Birkin style was previously even listed for $432,000 from the reseller 1stdibs, so it sounds like this bag’s buyer got quite the deal…right?

The record-breaking handbag triumphs previous Birkin sales from Christie’s ($220,000) and Privé Porter ($298,000).

Read our features on other amazing Birkin sales below:

Most Expensive Hermes Birkin Sold at Christie’s
New Record Set for Most Expensive Birkin Sold

Bloomberg Talks Birkins

image (1)

#2 PETA Confronts Hermes on Use of Exotic Skins
This recent record-breaking sale re-ignited PETA’s criticisms about Hermes’ use of exotic skins. As reported by WWD, a french spoksewoman for PETA Isabella Goetz confronted Hermes CEO Axel Dumas after the sale and asked Dumas if Hermes planned to stop using exotic skins. Dumas denied all allegations of Hermes’ cruelty towards animals and firmly asserts that their suppliers work under a strict ethical conduct. As supported by Dumas, “We ask all our suppliers to comply not only with international legislation but also our internal rules, which are much stricter than international policies in this regard.” Duma suggests that although Hermes will readily reply to any concerns  and respects PETA’s position, they will not discontinue the use of exotic skins anytime soon. This confrontation comes just after Jane Birkin threatened to remove her namesake from the bag until fairer animal treatment practices were put into place.

Learn more about the controversy in our features below:

A Birkin by any other Name…
Birkin Case Closed
Thoughts on Jane Birkin’s Namesake and Hermes’ Practices?

#3 Birkin bags are a better investment than the S&P 500 or gold
The world has gone Birkin crazy! Some people are willing to shell out big money just to join the Birkin Club. However, the desire for a Birkin is deeper than the look of the bag itself. As explored in a piece on racked.com, the Birkin may also be a  financially sound investment. The Baghunter compared investment returns on gold, the S&P 500, and the Birkin over the last 35 years, and the Birkin was the clear winner. The Birkin only continues to increase in price and holds its value better than any other handbag because it is a highly coveted bag, a status symbol to many, and overall a tribute to ultra-luxury.

Find out more about bag investment below:

Gold, S&P 500, or Hermes Birkin?
Should a bag be an investment?

Queen B continues to amaze the world! Keep up to date with other H news in our Hermes Bulletin Boards.

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NYT Writes Up the New Hermes Birkin Sellier 40

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See Pursebop’s take on Sellier here. 

via NYT T Magazine:

An Icon Goes Minimal

It’s tough to improve on perfection, but that’s precisely what Hermès has done with the new hyper-pared-down Birkin Sellier 40. According to Couli Jobert, the leather artistic director at Hermès, natural brown was deemed too obvious for the new Birkin, which is only available in matte black with silver palladium hardware. As the goal was to create an essential design without clutter, the structured cowhide bag is extra-wide, has no lining and the stitching is extremely subtle. It’s a radically modern update of the elegant classic, which has been the subject of girl envy — and the cause of waiting lists — since it was first crafted in 1984.

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