Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch

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kenzo_animal-print-watersnake-clutchSometimes I blog because there’s something new/fun/desirable that I just have to share with you guys. Other times I blog because it’s my way of keeping an online record of what I liked when, and we all know how useful blogs are when chronologising such things.

Today’s share is the Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch, which is here for 2 reasons. Firstly, I need not stress how big clutches are this season (and probably for the next 17 to come), so if you haven’t yet acquired one, this could be it. Secondly, with the craze for everything leopard-printed-including-the-shoes-bags-and-RTW that’s Kenzo-related and rather pricey, this clutch could be one of the more affordable pieces you could get yet.

Measuring 20.5 cm by 15.5 cm, this unisex clutch is semi-glossy watersnake clouded leopard on one side, and shiny patent tiger stripes (yes, really) on the other. Priced atGBP127 over at Net-A-Porter (which makes it just over SGD250),  it’s exactly what I said in the beginning, that it would make a memorable collectible (that’s also affordable) for fans of this collection.

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Loewe ‘Tales Of Spain’ Jumbo Clutch

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loewe_tales-of-spain-jumbo-clutchWe all know how essentially important flat clutches are these days for both boys and girls, nifty rectangular bags that we can use to hold everything from tech gadgets to loose change.

The hard part, however, is picking a print/colour/size that suits you best, which certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, especially with the choices available in the marketplace today.

And to make your life that much harder, I’m here today to introduce the Loewe ‘Tales Of Spain’ Jumbo Clutch, 35 cm by 23.5 cm stamped calf leather clutches that come with 2 zip compartments. From a soon-to-be-released capsule collection (we’re talking end-May 2013 here, most likely) that embodies the best of Loewe from the 70s and the 80s, Stuart Vevers referenced over 5000 silk scarves in the Spanish house’s archives. Picking the brightest and the boldest that went into this limited edition collection, it’s one that’s colourfully loud and unapologetically fun.

Which just means as far as this blog is concerned, there will be more updates to come, including a video that’s 80s-arcade-meets-cheesy-still-video-montages that’s just amusing and kitschy all at once.

loewe_tales-of-spain-collection1Besides the oversized clutches, other pieces in the capsule collection include totes, sling messengers and smaller SLGS, along with a cotton sweatshirt, shawls, sunnies, bracelets and in the spirit of kitsch, temporary sticker tattoos.

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Chanel Egg Carton Jewelry Box Clutch Bag

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Chanel what?

Milk carton, you say?

Egg Tray?

When the Chanel Supermarket Runway Handbags were published for the first time, some people said: ‘it looks cheap, no please’.

Others thought that Karl Lagerfeld has gone mad, but oh boy what were we wrong. Presenting Plexiglass Egg Tray Clutch Bag, oh yes baby the treasure is hidden in the inside.

Our first impression on the Chanel Egg Tray Clutch Bag was: ‘Oh, it’s a egg tray decorated by CHANEL with CC logo on the front and interwoven chain link’. It’s like mixing supermarket design with Chanel, what’s so special about it?

But that’s not all, its looks like an item that you will be wearing one or two times and then hide it deep in your wardrobe. Perhaps one day you will even sell it, with regrets.

Like we said earlier, we were wrong. If you take a look at the inside you will find six empty holes. Each of them can store a CHANEL accessory like rings. And they look so darn luxurious that its like a dream come true.

What you need to know:

This is a jewelry Box Minaudiere – it can be used as a clutch bag that can be worn on your shoulder. It’s embellished with stressed CC signature and interwoven chain links.

Measuring 4.1 x 5.9 x 2.6, priced at €9750 euro’s and $20,750 SGD at Chanel boutique. Oh and unfortunately this clutch doesn’t come with the rings.



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Alexander McQueen is the ‘queen’ of outrageous – there’s never a dull moment with this brand! And with the Rose Knuckle Box Clutch Bag, you’re sure to stand out with its gothic-romantic appeal. Oversized flowers, knuckledusters, a hard case…well, that’s quite difficult to beat, don’t you think? Expect a fashion revolution with this one!

Some weeks ago, we were able to feature this piece. You can click on the link below for more details about this one-of-a-kind baby.

READ: Alexander McQueen Rose Knuckle Box Clutch

If you’d ask our opinion, this baby is really just a femme-fatale starter item on its own – bold and beautiful, the clutch captures two ironies and merges them effortlessly. Carry this to your next evening event, and we guarantee that it will make heads turn. Just be ready for your close-up.

Get your very own Alexander McQueen Rose Knuckle Box Clutch Bag now!


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The latest accessory to join your wardrobe should, without a doubt, be the classy new Givenchy clutch. This particular minaudière, which acts as a jewelry-piece-cum-evening-purse, is made of soft gold-toned brass and is a complete makeover from regular minaudières with its upright rectangular curvy shape and smooth edges. The metal clutch has a soft leather lining on the inside and though, at first glance it resembles a flask or a gadget case of some sort, we can’t help but be intrigued by its pale luster and stark absence of clutter.


The clutch could definitely be the perfect accessory for an evening soirée or event. The subtly striking color could add glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe and could be paired with almost anything; though a black outfit would be best suited. You can buy the gold brass clutch at Net-A-Porter for $2,600.


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Chanel lovers in the house, represent! Today, we’re featuring another bag that’s really TDF (to die for) in terms of design and quality. The Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain is really “bringing it” – not to alarm other coveted pieces in the biz, however, we must say that we are quite impressed by this piece.

This black lambskin stunner is beautifully embellished with metal CC signatures that seem to swarm the bag like beautiful stars. I mean, how can you not love this fine piece of leather? Of course, let’s not forget about the silver eyelet detailing which surrounds the edges of the bag. It’s fascinating how Chanel manages to give us so much in single piece. You can never have too much metal with this label.

The neutral color of this piece makes it a suitable companion for many events, since you can easily mix and match it with most of your wardrobe staples. We’re dying to get our hands on this!

You can get your very own Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain via Chanel boutique.


Chanel Metal CC Signature Clutch Bag with Chain
Style code: A94404
Size: 5.3” x 8.1” x 2.4” inches
Price: $6700 USD; €5450 EUR; £3925 GBP; S$9500 SGD; A$9230 AUD


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