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Oh boy oh boy, ladies let’s get a cup of coffee (or tea) because we have so much to talk about. You know… the Cruise 2016 Collection… or the Fall Winter 2015 Collection that we’ve been talking about. Yes there was one bag missing, also from Chanel’s official website. And that bag is the Chanel Boy.

You know, this bag gives me a relax feeling – it’s not too overwhelming, but its also not hidden in the background. The pattern is timeless, just like the Quilted Flap Bag. And talking about it, the pattern is mixed, you see arrows going down like the Chevron, but it’s also designed with diamond patterns if you look it at another way.

A gorgeous boy clasp is embellished in the front, and the large boy chain you will certainly love. Now for more details, three ladies have already bought this bag…

Emma: ‘I bought the bag in Munich for €4150 and got €600 euro back at the airport. I didn’t find it again on my travels (in Denmark, Amsterdam or London) It is the seasonal medium sized boy bag in black’.

Heather: ‘Cynthia – I just got that same one in Red in NYC. The New Medium size and it was $4800’.

Irmelin: ‘Here’s another boy for this fall/winter, bought last week in Paris’.




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I’ve been wanting to get a new Chanel Boy Bag for a while now, and can’t seem to settle on the exact version I want. Chanel reintroduces this bag every season in new materials and renditions to match with the theme of the runway show while continuing to keep the classics. While I keep feeling like I should just get the new medium in classic black (there is an old medium and a new, the new is a bit bigger), I saw the two new pink options at the store and found myself leaning toward Chanel pink.

Truth is, I don’t need a pale pink bag. It stains easily and can’t be worn with jeans (which I wear all the time). But the heart wants what it wants and I continuously find myself leaning toward pretty pink pastels to add to my collection. Shown above is a size small in pink and medium in light pink, both are beautiful but the medium size is the one I want.

I love Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes as they give two medium tones to color with a darker hue to intensify and light shade to highlight. There are 14 color combinations, but these four colors get my pick right now and work well with my skin tone. If you’re interested, there is definitely an option that will work for you as well!

One of the pink Chanel Boy Bags along with a matching eyeshadow compact truly makes a perfect pair that I’ll be thinking about for a while. Buy the small pink bag for $4,300 and the medium light pink for $5,200 at a Chanel boutique.You can buy the eyeshadow online via for $61.


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Currently Coveting: Kylie Jenner’s Iridescent Chanel Boy Bag

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Chanel Iridescent Boy Bag Kylie Jenner

Before I even kick this off, I want to start by saying I know many of you don’t like the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It’s not that I personally love them, but I don’t hate them either, and the ladies have some amazing handbags; for our purposes, that means they’re a natural fit for PurseBlog.

I’ve been drawn to the Chanel Boy Bag since its release in 2011, and I’ve found plenty of Boy renditions that I would have loved to add to my closet. When I saw the Chanel Iridescent Boy Bag, I knew it would be loved by many, myself included.

Featuring a tinge of iridescence on the goatskin leather and color-shifting hardware on the clasp and chain handles, this bag’s an immediate eye-catcher. Kylie Jenner, who has an amazing handbag collection, bought this bag for herself recently and shared it on Instagram, saying, “I never thought I was the Boy Bag type girl. But I just couldn’t resist this one”. I feel you, Kylie’ I really do. A similar version can be yours for$4,300 via Chanel, andremember you can shop Chanel beauty and sunglasses now, too!.

Chanel Iridescent Boy Bag


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