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Celine Coulisse Shoulder Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Celine Coulisse Shoulder Bag. This new bag is from Celine’s Fall 2016 Collection. It is a drawstring bag that is made of smooth calfskin. It comes in three sizes, Small, Large and Vertical. The bag has a simple design, with some similarities to the brand’s famous Cabas bags. The interior is made of split calfskin which includes one zipped pocket and two flat pockets. The bag’s drawstring laces can be pulled to tighten the bag.

Style, Price & Size




Celine Smooth Calfskin Small Coulisse Shoulder Bag
10” x 12” x 7”
Celine Smooth Calfskin Vertical Coulisse Shoulder Bag
23” x 15” x 9”
Celine Smooth Calfskin Large Coulisse Shoulder Bag
23” x 15” x 9”


Celine Chalk Smooth Calfskin Small Coulisse Shoulder Bag

Celine Black and Burgundy Smooth Calfskin Vertical Coulisse Shoulder Bag

Celine Daffodil Smooth Calfskin Large Coulisse Shoulder Bag

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Loewe The Avenue Bag – Inspired by artist Vicente Vela’s Original ’70s Design

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Loewe Vicente Avenue Bag

Despite the fact that Loewe has been making leather goods for 160 years, the designer is typically not on my radar when it comes to handbags and other accessories. I’m not exactly sure why that is. After all, creative director Jonathan Anderson seems to be doing a good job. But when I think of handbags, Loewe just isn’t a designer that pops into my mind. I will be the first to admit though that this is unfortunate and it needs to change. This designer does make some lovely styles and, after looking at a few, one really did catch my eye. Meet the Loewe Avenue Bag!

Why do I like this piece? For starters, it’s embossed with the label’s iconic monogram that’s inspired by artist Vicente Vela’s original ’70s design. What is interesting is that I look at this monogram pattern and I see those tin ceiling panels you see in old buildings. Although that probably sounds bad to some, for me it’s a good thing because I happen to really like those ceilings! Pair this pattern with a simple flap closure style and crossbody strap, and you have yourself a really nice look! The bright red color isn’t too bad either. It really makes this piece pop!

The Loewe Avenue Bag is available at net-a-porter.

Loewe Vicente Vela Avenue Bag 

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Diorever: The Best Bag of 2016

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A bag has to be truly special in order to achieve acclaim in the (sometimes critical) handbag world. Dior’s recently released Diorever bag has received a huge amount of attention and praise in a very short amount of time. PurseBop has extensively covered the Diorever bag to keep you in the loop. Today, we’re examining the Diorever even further to explain why this bag is such a hit right now.

Find out all the reasons why everyone is loving the Diorever…

The Making of the Diorever

The Diorever was released in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. From the very beginning, Dior had a clear vision they wanted to accomplish with the Diorever bag. The concept of the Diorever took nearly 9 months to formulate .The Diorever is a classically structured tote bag with modern influences. According to Dior, it is meant to be a tote with “cutting-edge, urban attitude” and very  a “strong and bold” character.

Dior describes the Diorever as “small architectural marvel” that takes a full day to craft. The bag consists of 47 leather components and 32 metallic accessories that must be hand-cut and individually attached by a single craftsman. The Diorever is constructed meticulously and conscientiously so that the bag will maintain its quality for years and years. The Diorever reflects the best leather-working “savoir-faire”, which translates to a type of expertise, refinement, and innate style.

To see the making of a Diorever, watch the video below!

Get more background information on the Diorever:
New at Dior: The Diorever Bag


Why is the Diorever so successful?

Dior has many iconic bags like the Lady Dior bag and Diorama. Each of these bags has unique factors that have propelled it into “it” bag territory. The Diorever is no exception – people are drawn to it because it is different, outstanding, and worthy of recognition.

Let’s name a few simple reasons why the Diorever is so appealing…

Classic and Modern Appeal: The Diorever is a functional tote bag with a sleek, updated look. It easily serves as a work tote or everyday tote, which makes it a very justifiable purchase.

Birkin Inspiration: While some may be critical of the Diorever’s resemblance to the Birkin, the Diorever still has its own distinct look. Even if it does have some similarities to the Birkin, this is not a totally negative thing. The Birkin is a successful bag because of its construction and style. Bags that draw inspiration from the Birkin are just trying to recreate a very smart and wearable bag.

Reversible Flap: The bag’s flap can be clasped over the bag or flipped back for added versatility in look.

Rich, vibrant colors: The Diorever comes in bold metallics like gold and silver, as well as deep, bright colors like Royal Blue, Neon Yellow, and Shocking Pinks.

Multiple Sizes: Sizes include Mini, Medium, and Large to suit all your needs!

Cult Following: The Diorever is gaining a lot of support from fashionistas. This type of exposure and appreciation will only make the Diorever more popular.


The Rise of an "It" Bag

Even if a bag is a masterpiece in the sense of its looks and features, it can’t truly gain the attention it deserves until more people are carrying it. Luckily for Dior, the Diorever was endorsed by many famous celebs like Rihanna and Chiara Ferragni from the beginning. It’s not just celebrities either. Many different people from all over the world are showing their love for the Diorever! It is an incredible feat that the Diorever has managed to appeal to such a diverse audience.

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Chloe Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Chloe Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection. Chloe presents two new bags this season, the Keri Tote and Kurtis Saddle Bag. The Keri is a simple yet classic tote bag with flat handles, while the Kurtis is a flap bag with oversized studs on the bag’s trim. Classic bags such as Faye, Drew, Hudson and Marcie are also part of the collection. Chloe introduces a new pattern this season called Rosace, an ornamental design that resembles to a rose, other patterns are studded rings and striped patchwork. The colors for this season includes Caramel, Dark Purple, Beige and Black.

Keri Tote

Chloe Black Keri Medium Tote BagChloe Caramel Keri Medium Tote Bag

Chloe Dark Red Keri Medium Tote BagChloe Pearl Beige Keri Medium Tote Bag

Chloe Caramel Striped Suede Keri Medium Tote BagChloe Brown Shearling Keri Medium Tote Bag



Chloe Keri Medium Tote Bag
Chloe Striped Suede Keri Medium Tote Bag
Chloe Shearling Keri Medium Tote Bag

Kurtis Bag



Chloe Suede/Leather Kurtis Shoulder Bag

Faye Bag

Chloe Dark Purple Studded Circle Faye Medium BagChloe Caramel Leather Patchwork Faye Bag

Chloe Black Leather:Suede Faye Medium BagChloe Motty Grey Leather:Suede Faye Medium Bag

Chloe Black Studded Circles Faye Small BagChloe Beige Python:Leather Faye Clutch Bag

Chloe Dark Purple Suede Faye Mini Clutch BagChloe Black Suede Faye Mini Clutch Bag



Chloe Studded Circle Faye Medium Bag
Chloe Leather Patchwork Faye Bag
Chloe Leather/Suede Faye Medium Bag
Chloe Studded Circles Faye Small Bag

Chloe Python/Leather Faye Clutch Bag
Chloe Suede Faye Mini Clutch Bag

Drew Bag

Chloe Multicolor Rosace Star Studded Drew Small BagChloe Silver Blue Drew Small Bag

Chloe Gold Metallic Drew Mini BagChloe Dark Purple Suede:Leather Drew Mini Bag

Chloe Red Drew Mini Bag



Chloe Rosace Star Studded Drew Small Bag
Chloe Suede/Leather Drew Small Bag
Chloe Metallic Drew Mini Bag
Chloe Suede/Leather Drew Mini Bag
Chloe Grained Calfskin Drew Mini Bag

Hudson Bag

Chloe Black Studded Hudson Medium BagChloe Black Rosace Patchwork Hudson Small Bag

Chloe Light Gray Suede Hudson Small BagChloe Siena Red Hudson Mini Bag

Chloe Caramel Suede Hudson Mini Bag



Chloe Studded Hudson Medium Bag
Chloe Rosace Patchwork Hudson Small Bag
Chloe Suede Hudson Small Bag
Chloe Leather Hudson Mini Bag
Chloe Suede Hudson Mini Bag

Marcie Bag

Chloe Caramel Studded Marcie Medium BagChloe Black Marcie Medium Bag

Chloe Cream Marcie Medium BagChloe Gray Marcie Medium Bag

Chloe Tan Marcie Medium BagChloe Pink Marcie Small Crossbody Bag



Chloe Studded Marcie Medium Bag
Chloe Marcie Medium Bag
Chloe Marcie Small Crossbody Bag

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Hugo Boss New Bespoke Bag

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Hugo Boss, a name associated with sharp tailoring has undergone major changes since the introduction of American designer Jason Wu, who has rebooted the Hugo Boss image particularly when it comes to bags and for Spring/Summer 16, we’re loving the updated Bespoke Bag. 

Inspired by Bauhaus artists like Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky, the Bespoke bag features a vibrant colour palette and sharp geometrical shapes. The structured bag is both smart and feminine that brings a touch of chic to the label. Available in 2 sizes, we prefer the bigger of the 2 bags that comes with 1 main compartment big enough to fit your laptop and 2 internal slots to fit any paperwork or daily workday essentials, the Bespoke bag is quintessentially a smart office bag and a sophisticated replacement for those used to carrying a briefcases or tote bag. 


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