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Chanel Medium Quilted Phone Holders
Style code: A80762
Size: 5.5’ x 2.8’ x 0.4’ inches
Price: $525 USD, €480 euro

No company can ignore the power of today’s technology; the smartphone has become the essential for our daily life. We’re doing everything on it; alarm clock, calculator, messaging, web surfing, games and so on. And because most of us are carrying the phone all the time, it needs to be designed fashionably, don’t you think?

And even Chanel cannot ignore that; that’s why they’ve designed new phone holders for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection Act 1.

But wait, Chanel has designed Chanel Phone Holders before, in their previous collection. You can check them out here:

READ: Chanel Quilted Phone Holders

READ: Chanel Phone Holders

Here’s the news; even tough Chanel has made phone holders before, these are the most classic. They match to your Chanel Classic Flap Bag like twins – the beautiful diamond quilted cover, the gorgeous tiny CC logo, slip this phone holder in your bag.

Just like the two famous leather choices for the Chanel Classic Flap Bag; the lambskin and caviar, these phone holders are available in lambskin or calfskin. Lambskin is for those that desire luxury more than durability. The calfskin is obvious for those that love strong leather.


Chanel Large Quilted Phone Holder
Style code: A80763
Size: 5.9’ x 3.1’ x 0.4’ inches
Price: $575 USD, €510 euro

Two sizes are available;

Chanel Medium Quilted Phone Holder is measured 5.5’ x 2.8’ x 0.4’ inches, style code is A80762 and priced at $525 USD or € 480 euro.

Chanel Large Quilted Phone Holder is measured 5.9’ x 3.1’ x 0.4’ inches, style code is A80763. Priced at $575 USD or €510 euro.

The phone sizes, which one is yours?

Apple iPhones
The iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s are sized 5.44’ x 2.64’ x 0.27’ inches.
The iPhone 6 Plus is or the iPhone 6 Plus s are sized 6.22’ x 3.06’ x 0.28 inches.

Samsung Phones:
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is measured 5.65’ x 2.78’ x 0.27’ inches.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is measured 5.59’ x 2.76’ x 0.28’ inches.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is measured 6.08 x 2.98 x 0.27’ inches.




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Bershka Goes Bohemian for SS 2016 Campaign

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Spanish Inditex retailer Bershka decided to stick to its roots, and so its men’s/women’s spring/summer 2016 campaign is explicitly bohemian. The models cast in the shoot were able to portray the teen generation the brand was built to target, and they were transported to the desert as the campaign’s setting. The photoshoot was designed so nothing stood out excessively; everything had its own place, and a lot of the garments even fit right into the desert concept.

Bershka Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

But that is where some inconsistencies can be found. Some garments featured raw edges, which almost gave the impression that the model had been in the desert for longer than she would have liked. Other times, however, the models wore tailored and preppy tops and looked as though they were enjoying a fun vacation day with their friends. Both types of pictures looked great individually, but it made it a rather confusing cohesive campaign. Regardless of the overall portrayal of each shot, the styling was spot on for the location. The hair was always slightly matted, since it’s presumably hot, and the sunglasses aren’t overpowering anything when they are worn.

The Bershka spring/summer 2016 campaign is one that we can see many times among youth-driven retailers, but it always manages to stay fresh. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the spring campaigns are released when many of us are huddled inside under a pile of blankets trying to stay warm. There’s something so nice about seeing the sun and warmth, even if it’s only in pictures that makes everything a little bit better and hopeful. If that was Bershka’s intent, then job well done – mission accomplished. Now all we have to do is wait until the sun actually warms us up to buy the clothes and wear them out like the stylish models in the ads.

The casting must have been a careful process, since the brand had to maintain a level of youth while still keeping everything fashion-progressive and editorial. And I’d say this was a successful endeavor as well. The women were having fun when they needed to be and working the raw-edged garments in their respective shots. The guys displayed an array of male styles in the youth today, as they cast two men with vastly different appearance types, which will ensure their products will appear more versatile.

And interesting aspect about the Bershka spring 2016 collection is its shoes. There was a pair of low-heeled ankle booties in one shot, and they perfectly completed the whole bohemian outfit and setting, but other than that, the photos were cut off before the shoes. It would have been great to see what else the brand has in its repertoire displayed on this medium, but I guess that does add a little bit of intrigue, since you can find more shoe options on their website. And with their theme of young bohemia, you’re sure to find the perfect set of kicks to finish off any look from the campaign, regardless of when they were released.

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Chloe Small Inez Suede Bucket Bag
Size: 8′ x 10.5′ x 1.5′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $1390 USD, €995 euro

Need something stylish and totally different? Chloe reinvented the bucket bag and it’s literally drop-dead gorgeous.

Just a quick reminder, a few years back, the bucket bags were not really famous. In fact, it’s usually remembered as the ‘love it or hate it’ handbags. But today, the bucket bags are trending thanks to the work of the fashion designers.

The Chloe Inez Bag, you can carry it numerous ways; on your shoulder, over your shoulder, grab the handles with your hands or carry it with just one hand, just like a clutch bag. Priced


Chloe Small Inez Suede Bucket Bag
Size: 8′ x 10.5′ x 1.5′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $1390 USD, €995 euro


Chloe Small Inez Studded Bucket Bag
Size: 8′ x 10.5′ x 1.5′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $2350 USD, €1690 euro

It’s an easy carry bag yet with a timeless design. The Inez bag is available in single-color suede or for the more glamorous styles, in circular studs. The suede bag creates a more chic and relaxing feeling – perfect for work or summer.

The design with circular studs is best used win your casual-chic outfit. The combination of studs and dangling tassel is bold and dazzling.

So what do you think?




Chloe Small Inez Studded Bucket Bag
Size: 8′ x 10.5′ x 1.5′ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $2350 USD, €1690 euro


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Exuding timelessness, elegance and sophistication, Chanel flap bags are here to stay in the fashion world. However this time around, Chanel has added some feminine twist to their newest Cruise 2015 collection. Focusing on the ever changing needs of a modern empowered woman, the high fashion powerhouse reinvented the flap bag with a lovely, fierce, yet soft come back.

The Cruise 2015 flap bag collections are beautifully made with notes of a modern and fashionable taste as found in its texture, finish and materials. Ladies who are looking for a subtle feminine hand bag will find great comfort in Chanel’s Flower Crochet Flap Bag.

The color combination is soothing to the eyes with hints of lilac, light green, violet, and blue. Strikingly packaged in a cute flower power design with the CC logo in the front, it is utterly and undeniably chic and stylish. Make all your girlfriends envy by owning this highly coveted crochet flap bag and surely you’ll be the talk of town. This handbag comes with a whopping price of around $4,800 USD. Don’t worry, nothing ever comes cheap in the world of fashion.





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