7 Fresh Outfit Ideas You'll Want to Steal From Instagram


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7 Fall Weekend Escapes To Beat The End-Of-Summer Blues


Somehow, summer will come to its final conclusion next weekend, and yet we already feel like it never happened. The perfect tans we had planned were replaced by pale skin which shivered in the office A/C, the rooftop cocktails we planned to consume were drunk instead while watchingStranger Things from bed, and the many trips we intended to take were lost to the wedding weekends of friends and family. Rather than be bummed about summer’s impossibly premature end, however, we thought it might be prudent to plan at least one fall getaway ASAP in order to give ourselves something to look forward to as temperatures dip. Here, seven getaways, at least one of which should be quick, easy and cheap from wherever you live (especially with airfares at an all-time low).breakfast6_02

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City may just be the it destination du jour. If you're looking for some of the world's best food, art and culture within a stone's throw of the American south, this, the largest metropolitan area in the US, is your best bet.

What To Do: Stay at the Downtown Mexico hotel, eat at Quintonil, visit the largest private art collection in Latin America, shop the La Merced market, visit the ruins at Tenochtitlan and sample mezcal at La Clandestina. If you happen to be in town for Day of the Dead celebrations in early November, we suggest you plan to attend the festivities in San Andres Mixquic, a small community in the southeast part of the city.

Temperatures (October): High, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Low, 50.

Getting There: Flights from Dallas are just 2.5 hours in duration, and will cost you around $  for weekends in October (if booked now).

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New Balance Launches “Always In Beta” Global Brand Platform



Last week I attended the grand launch of the New Balance Collection at the Athlete’s Co store, The Dubai Mall.

It was an amazing event and we got an opportunity to meet the players from the England Cricket Team, Joe Root, Mark Wood & Ben Strokes.


There were some fun games planned for the store audience and the event was very entertaining.


The brand has launched has launched wonderful athlete collection with fun  and energetic color combos, to accommodate all sporting needs….


More from the Brand

Platform Reinforces Brand’s Performance Sport Strengths and Relentless Drive To Innovate and Improve As Well As Inspire Athletes.


Global athletic leader New Balance debuts a bold new brand platform today – Always in Beta – the brand’s promise to relentlessly improve, to never stop pushing and to always strive for more. At the same time, the brand highlights its focus on inspiring athletes around the world, both professional and every day, to reach for and achieve their goals, and then reset them towards even greater athletic accomplishments.


Always in Beta is true to New Balance’s 100+-year old brand, our performance-based heritage and our core values,” says Rob DeMartini, President and CEO at New Balance.

The cornerstone of the campaign is “The Storm” brand television commercial that represents the unrelenting desire to keep moving forward, to evolve and to progress.


New Balance announces exclusive distribution agreement with the Apparel Group – Global athletic brand leader New Balance announces an exclusive distribution agreement with The Apparel Group, a global fashion and lifestyle conglomerate based in Dubai.


“As New Balance looks to continue its strong pattern of global growth, we believe that partnering with the Apparel Group will give us retail capabilities as well as a partner that believes in the New Balance values of integrity, teamwork and total customer satisfaction,” says Darren Tucker,Vice President for Asia Pacific at New Balance “The Apparel Group has a proven record of successfully partnering with global and more regionally developed brands.”


The multi-year agreement covers the following countries: United Arab Emirates; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA); Qatar; Bahrain; Oman; and Kuwait.

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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Fashion's Coolest Halloween Costumes


If you follow the logic that great style doesn't have to be complicated, then likewise, imitating the fashion world's biggest stars for Halloween can actually be pretty simple. That's the truth. From trendsetters like Jenna Lyons and Kendall Jenner to classics like Audrey Hepburn, impersonating this style set will be as easy as shopping your own closet. To get you inspired, we've curated a list of eight fashion stars and what you'll need to get the look — just don't be surprised when you've got tons of free time while your friends are frantically prepping for that costume party.

Victoria's Secret Angel

The look: Pink satin robe, stilettos, and bombshell waves

A Fashion Blogger

The look: Bold and on trend with a luxe bag, statement shoes, and an iPhone to take selfies with all night

Yeezy Model

The look: Bodysuit and tights, parka, boots, and a baseball cap

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Here’s How Much It Costs To Buy A Home In Your State



Home ownership in the U.S. is at its lowest level in five decades. Of those who do own homes, just 34% are under the age of 35 (and they may all be Kardashians.) For many of us, the idea of buying a home feels like a pipe dream, one we’re not sure we should prioritize given our astounding levels of debt, our desire to acquire experiences as opposed to material possessions, and the feeling that the traditional American dream is an unrealistic aspiration in 2016. So, how much do you need to earn in order to be a homeowner in this day and age? A report released by mortgage and loan site HSN.com has the data. If you live in Pittsburgh, the cheapest metro area, you can buy a home with an annual salary of just $32,400. By contrast, those who hope to own a home must take home far larger salaries in San Francisco, where you need to make $161,947.60 per year. We should note that we’re not sure where in New York City one could purchase a home on a salary of $86,215.44 or, for that matter, anyone who makes $92k in LA and owns their own place, but if you’ve got information we don’t, please feel free to share it in the comments below.


If these salary quotes seem daunting to you—or the national average price tag for a home, which is $885,000, seems insane—the Huffington Post cautions that it’s not necessarily more affordable to rent. In the last 50 years, those monthly fees have increased much more quickly than have incomes, which means that renters are spending a higher percentage of their salary on rent than ever before. So, you’d better remember to call your parents today, as you may be moving back in with them—the most common living arrangement for 18-29 year-olds in the U.S. at present—in the very near future.

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Valmont introduces its new line, Expert of Light, to the UAE


valmont skincare

It was a well organised event attended by media and socialites from the region.

Agnès Teffaud, Valmont’s International Spa and Press consultant introduced us to the exquisite range of products and helped us understand how each of these can give us a perfect and even complexion.

valmont beauty products

She made us realize that unless we don’t solve the skin issues from deep within, we can’t achieve a permanent and 100% result. She explained us how Valmont products reach deep underneath our skin and repair and protect our skin  so that we can achieve radiance and even complexion for years to come…..

We got to try out the  products and they were quite amazing…

Shortly I would be trying out a  demonstration massage and I am really looking forward to it 

More about the product range and the brand

To introduce the UAE to this new breakthrough in skincare, Valmont hosted an elegant breakfast in Dubai’s Zabeel Ladies Club Blue Lounge for a select group of influencers from the region. G, in which they were given the option to test the products.

Today, women of all ages want the perfect complexion: a pure and clear complexion, a delicate and transparent complexion, a porcelain complexion, a fresh complexion that beams with youth, but above all an even complexion. In this quest for the perfect complexion, the key word is uniformity. While the search for a pure complexion is nothing new in cosmetics, today this quest is becoming a global phenomenon. This year, Valmont is answering this call in the purest tradition of prestige cosmetics and offering the world its new line: EXPERT OF LIGHT.


With EXPERT OF LIGHT, Valmont is offering a comprehensive line of six products (cleansing gel, lotion, serum, SPF 50 day cream, rich cream and mask) to illuminate the skin and enhance the uniformity of the complexion. A hybrid line that falls between the whitening products found in Asia and the “radiance” ranges distributed in Europe, this new Valmont creation is truly universal, offering a sumptuous blend of technical prowess and sensory pleasure.

valmont clarifying infusion

EXPERT OF LIGHT combines the best of the expertise Valmont has gained over the years in helping the skin maintain a healthy glow. After C in 1998, SNOW in 1999, RADIANCE in 2003, and WHITE & BLANC in 2006, EXPERT OF LIGHT is even more complete and effective than all of its predecessors combined. It is based on a comprehensive approach to treating the skin thanks to new ingredients with exceptional virtues.

To introduce the UAE to this new breakthrough in skincare, Valmont hosted an elegant breakfast in Dubai’s Zabeel Ladies Club Blue Lounge for a select group of influencers from the region. Guests were able to discover the exquisite brand’s new line through a presentation by Valmont’s International Spa and Press consultant, Agnès Teffaud, in which they were given the option to test the products. Afterwards, each of them received a voucher for a 30-minute demonstration massage in order to fully immerse themselves within the world of Valmont.

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