Liv Tyler Is The New My Theresa Girl


Liv Tyler was born for the spotlight. From her birth to Steven Tyler, lead singer of the iconic rock band Aerosmith, and Bebe Buell, former fashion model and Playboy of the Month, the world would have been shocked if Liv had avoided fame. The 38-year-old celebrity has created her own path, however. She does not rely on her background to take her where she wants to be, and by doing so made a legacy for herself. And now, is recognizing the lovely model and actress in a short film interlaced with pieces from Valentino’s 2015 fall collection.

Liv Tyler Is The New My Theresa Girl

In the film, Liv delves into her fashion background, citing her various style influences. For her, there is no way to choose one starting point, since there is so much in her past that acted as inspiration. But there’s no surprise she follows after her family in terms of style, since she has a line of fashion icons in her background.

“My grandmother is incredibly elegant,” she begins in the video. This provides the basis for Liv’s own wardrobe, but is by no means close to how her fashion sense can be described. The actress’s street style often has that easy breeze of elegance, so this aspect of her lineage shines through.

But she continues talking about her mother, which provides further insight on her fashion thought process. By the way she talks about her mother, you can tell she is proud of where she came from, and more importantly where her fashion sense comes from. She describes her mother’s fashion sense as being free spirited with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, which explains Buell’s tendency to date rock ‘n’ rollers. These two other aspects mix together with elegance, with the result being Liv Tyler’s wardrobe. Her beginnings of fashion all come down to her childhood in the 1980s.

“There’s something about a Valentino look – it feels just as good in the flesh as it looks in the picture, and to me that’s the definition of luxury,” she said in her interview with MyTheresa. And this is a great way to look at luxury fashion, at that.

There is something about the way she presents herself in this video that humanizes Liv Tyler. Many celebrities have this almost other-worldy position, in their ethereal on-screen presence and the way they carry themselves. Liv, on the other hand, speaks like the everyday woman. Sure, she may be wealthier than many women, but she has a down-to-earth personality that makes her more relatable to the everyday person. This is why we love her interview. She speaks from the heart, shows off the best pieces from Valentino’s current collection, and really just gives us a better look into the becoming of a celebrity.

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Dior State of Gold Make Up Christmas 2015


Appealing radiant light state of mind, Dior Makeup presents Gold and Light, a new limited edition collection for Christmas 2015.

Lustrous Beauty - New Christmas Gold & Light-Themed Dior Makeup in Limited Edition

From lipstick, eyeshadow palette, compact powder, nail vernis and other lustrous beauty products with magnetic aura and a touch of glamorous couture spirit for this winter, an exclusive gold-themed make up lines in glistening, luminous presented by Creative and Director of the house, Peter Philips.

Dior Make Up Christmas 2015: Diorific State Of Gold - Diorific Mat - Velvet Colour Lipstick

Petal-Soft Velvety Lips Diorific Mat – Velvet Colour Lipstick, Weightless and Long-Wearing. Available in 430 Radieuse, 540 Magique, 540 Magique, 540 Magique, 540 Magique And 770 Fantastique.

Dior Make Up Christmas 2015: Diorific State Of Gold - Magnetic Waves Eyeshadow Palette

Magnetic Waves – Couture Colours & Effect Eyeshadow Palette in 886 Blazing Gold And 576 Eternal Gold.

Dior Make Up Christmas 2015: Diorific State Of Gold - Golden Light Compact Powder

Golden Shimmer – Diorific State Of Gold – Golden Light Compact Powder in 2 delightful shades; 001 Luxurious Beige and 002 Sumptuous Pink.

Dior Make Up Christmas 2015: Diorific State Of Gold - Dressed Up Nails Vernis

Dressed Up Nails Diorific Vernis with scintillating platinum and glittery effect. Available in 001 State Of Gold, 227 Gris-Or, 454 Secret, 454 Secret and 454 Secret.

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The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra has been unveiled and as always it’s the stuff made for fantasies! The company announced that supermodel Lily Aldridge will walk the 2015 Victoria’s SecretFashion Show runway wearing the much coveted Fantasy Bra.

Victorias-Secret fantasy-bra

Created as a longstanding tradition, the Fireworks Fantasy Bra was designed by the label’s jeweler Mouawad and is designed as spark-like bursts with 6,500 precious gems weighing 1,364 carats, set in 18-karat gold.

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The panties are adorned with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. Together, the bikini set which took 685 hours to create is worth $2 million.

We would be feeling just like Aldridge in this video for Vogue, wearing a $2 million bikini!

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection: Women in Uniform


Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

I knew I was in for a real treat when I walked into the Park Avenue Armory, the long-time site of Marc Jacobs shows, and surveyed the scene: glowing pink gravel, a Pepto-Bismol tornado-dropped pink house inspired by The Wizard of Oz (a film Marc happens to love), shocking pink, pink, pink! On each seat were Beats by Dre headphones, and they struck me as a clever reminder: no one beats Marc Jacobs for showmanship. They weren’t just cool props; audience members wore them to hear a vocal narrative for an all-out immersive experience. Through the headset came a robotic voice: “Girl with long bangs and three bags, turn left. Knock on front.” It was at once bizarre, fascinating, and really, really fun.

Stage antics aside, the clothes are pure unadulterated Marc at his best. The Technicolor set could have fooled you; the looks, in a strict palette of dark blue, military green, muted khaki, and standard-issue olive, are worthy of a high-style army general or drill sergeant. Deglammed, there was not a stitch of makeup to be found on the models’ faces (I hardly recognized any of them!). Surplus chic was definitely the theme of the collection. Silhouettes of the military jackets, skin-cloaking suits, and multi-pocket dresses run the gamut from long and flounced to loose and baggy to short and flared, from squared-off at the shoulder to generously oversized (some suit jackets feature sleeves so purposefully lengthy, they only showed the models’ fingertips). Massive cargo pockets on almost everything send the message: utilitarianism is in for Spring ’15. But just when you’re thinking it comes without a stitch of femininity, Jacobs unleashes plenty of wide, waist-cinching belts (the hourglass shape is still in tact and on display beneath that fabric) and a whole slew of decadent, evening-ready satin looks with the same soldierly theme.

Great details also abound for luxurious militaristic touches, including large buttons and punchy baubles, à la ‘90s Marc Jacobs, plus seams and cutouts that emphasize the extreme precision of the tailoring. Add to the mix Dr. Scholl’s-inspired sandals – it’s all about the chunk! – and a practical range of bags, from some so big you can nap in them to large crocodile totes to tiny crossbodies, as well as a smattering of mod shifts, sheaths, and bubble skirts. Pockets, belts, and boot camp-grade toughness: Here you have it, the uniform of the season, and I mean “uniform” in the most authentic sense of the word.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Collection

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Moschino’s New Barbie Doll and Capsule Collection


Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott has been bringing a new level of whimsy to the runway, especially stemming from his 2015 spring/summer collection. He brought Barbie to life on the runway, drawing inspiration from the iconic doll’s past looks, and transforming them into a spectacular catwalk display with models styled to embody her.

Moschino's Barbie Doll

And now, Scott has done just the opposite. The effect is just as fun-spirited and forward-thinking, but is really scaled down. Under his creative expertise, Moschino has teamed up with Mattel, and is creating a capsule collection for Barbie dolls, with life-sized replicas for women as well, that will debut on Nov. 9.

“I wanted to bring all of the Moschino elements to Barbie, as I had done the reverse by bringing all of the Barbie elements to Moschino for the spring 2015 collection,” said Scott, in an interview with WWD. “The thing I love most about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse, she’s worn every style and design imaginable and at the same time she’s had every possible profession you can dream of.”

This idea is also what makes Barbie so iconic. She was made to encompass a wide variety of professions to reach out to people all around the world, but at the same time is always fashionable and ready to go. This is an idea designers use often on the runway, to show that their woman, or muse, can look fashionable for any event. But Scott took this concept and pushed it farther than anyone else before him. He created Barbie for the large stage, and models for the small.

And so Jeremy Scott ran off to play dress up. He gave Barbie a total wardrobe revamp, with a fun Moschino T-shirt on one and a quilted faux leather bomber jacket and pencil skirt on the other. Both Barbie-models were also adorned with teeny pairs of mesh knitwear to round out their edgy, fresh outfits. But, of course, Scott couldn’t let his mini-muses out of sight without a barrage of cool accessories. And so, he created a wide variety of bags, jewelry, and sunglasses. A motorcycle bag, a backpack, gold chains, earrings, and plenty of faux leather will polish off the looks, adding the finishing touches to exactly what the Moschino woman would want… If she were a foot tall!

In the Moschino Barbie capsule collection, upon its Nov. 9 release, we can expect to see real-life versions of Barbie’s favorite garments (reminiscent of American Girl dolls with matching outfits for girls?), as well as two exclusive Moschino Barbie T-shirts. The T-shirts will run for $225, while a leather bag will go for $1,595. The Barbie doll will be sold for $150, and all of this will be available on

Moschino's New Barbie Doll and Capsule Collection

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New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3: Delpozo, Donna Karan, and Sophie Theallet


New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Modern but reminiscent of the past. Prim but not prissy. Crisp and clean but rich and wild. Oh, and brimming with unadulterated beauty. Delpozo is all of these things and more, and their breathtaking Spring ’15 collection brings all their trademarks of visual splendor and expert craftsmanship to new heights. In just a couple short years, designer Joseph Font has thoroughly invigorated the relaunched Spanish label, and this is his best showing yet.

Folds reminiscent of origami, impossibly rich jacquards, intricate tropical patterns, and floral accents more like sculpture than your typical embellishments gave way to bold silhouettes. With exaggerated peplums, avant-garde culotte shorts (that actually look flattering), and hemlines that seem to defy gravity, Delpozo’s magical play on shapes just gets better and better. Everyone is doing crop tops now, but theirs are so covetable they’ll motivate you to do those extra reps of crunches (and bicep curls, for that matter)

When it comes to the evening looks, Delpozo’s fully bloomed folds and heavily detailed explosions of sheer tulle aren’t for the faint of heart but they are for the confident and romantic. This is an ethereal, almost untouchable brand of femininity.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Donna Karan’s show notes gave a simple instruction: “Paint the town with urban chic.” For her Spring ’15 collection, Donna embraced both the abstract art world and the hourglass curves of the female form, sending super-sophisticated gallery girls and cutting-edge city-slickers of the artsy variety down her concrete-paved runway. If there is any mistake about her elevated sense of edginess, just look at those sky-high hats (Pharrell Williams in his Vivienne Westwood topper ring a bell?).

Elements of wild brushstrokes, graffiti, stamps, and collage made their way into the body-hugging pencil skirts, belted cocktail dresses, ruched bustiers, and blousy, cropped pants. These dynamic, layered patterns will instantly transfix; each piece makes for a miniature visual feast that brings to mind Basquiat in the ‘80s, when throwing paint in your loft gave way to high art. Donna balances it all out with plenty of cinched waists and enough pattern-free looks to keep the mood tempered. Rarely does such exuberance come out of a relatively muted color palette. Evidently, Donna’s muse – the very womanly woman – serves her well.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Feeling vacation-ready upon catching many of the Spring ’15 shows? Lighthearted and upbeat, Sophie Theallet is a few steps ahead of you. The designer was inspired by the music and colors of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Marilyn Monroe was known to vacation and where Sophie traveled with a friend this past year. But she didn’t go your basic, bohemian, beach-babe route. By blending tropical flavor with the inherent chic of her Parisian background, she delivered a relaxed yet elegant collection that oozes joie de vivre. She also shows you don’t have to reveal it all – just a subtle slit here or a flash of clavicle there – to connote warm-weather vibrance.

So what to pack on your next jaunt (or wear when you’re feeling like bringing some pep to your city life)? Multicolored strappy sandals, the result of a collaboration with Jean-Michel Cazabat, and thick leather belts with swirls and swerves of punchy colorblocking. Swingy dresses and mix-and-match separates with punchy, graphic prints. Evening gowns of liquid-like satin and wonderfully ornate prints with deceptively simple knotted necklines. Thin, wear-everywhere cardigans and lightly pleated skirts cut to catch the breeze whether you’re on the pavement or in the sand. Looks like Sophie Theallet just planned your spring wardrobe.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

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