7 Fall Weekend Escapes To Beat The End-Of-Summer Blues

2016-8-27 fashion Fashion

Somehow, summer will come to its final conclusion next weekend, and yet we already feel like it never happened. The perfect tans we had planned were replaced by pale skin which shivered in the office A/C, the rooftop cocktails we planned to consume were drunk instead while watchingStranger Things from bed, and the many trips we intended to take were lost to the wedding weekends of friends and family. Rather than be bummed about summer’s impossibly premature end, however, we thought it might be prudent to plan at least one fall getaway ASAP in order to give ourselves something to look forward to as temperatures dip. Here, seven getaways, at least one of which should be quick, easy and cheap from wherever you live (especially with airfares at an all-time low).breakfast6_02

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City may just be the it destination du jour. If you're looking for some of the world's best food, art and culture within a stone's throw of the American south, this, the largest metropolitan area in the US, is your best bet.

What To Do: Stay at the Downtown Mexico hotel, eat at Quintonil, visit the largest private art collection in Latin America, shop the La Merced market, visit the ruins at Tenochtitlan and sample mezcal at La Clandestina. If you happen to be in town for Day of the Dead celebrations in early November, we suggest you plan to attend the festivities in San Andres Mixquic, a small community in the southeast part of the city.

Temperatures (October): High, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Low, 50.

Getting There: Flights from Dallas are just 2.5 hours in duration, and will cost you around $  for weekends in October (if booked now).

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