Zara Easy Office Fall Winter 2015-16 Collection

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Delicate chic, urban and sporty accent, the newest lines of Zara brings the stunning Easy Office collection. To upgrade women’s autumn/winter 2015-2016 closet, the Spanish fashion label comes up with fresh, appealing apparels distinguished by lively floral prints with combination of elegant black and white and other warm, trendy tones of the season with total simplicity touch and ultra-modern allure. Let’s find out here in Fashionbashon the breathtaking office looks of Zara with the price list and details.

Playful, Fanciful Zara Easy Office Fall Winter 2015-2016 Apparels Collection

Dedicated exclusively to ladies office wear wardrobe of the moment, Zara Easy Office Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection offers several lines apparels selection. From fresh, lovely and playful floral printed dress, top and trousers in dark tones, leather jacket, blouses, cropped top, tailored Bermuda shorts, pleated pants and many other stylish pieces in black, white, burgundy or other warm colors. The Spanish clothing brand Zara also suggests wearing the appealing outfits with flats, ankle boots or court shoes, while the statement shopper, backpack, cool sunglasses, comfy scarves and many otherstatement accessories are perfect essentials and elements to complete easy chic and eclectic attitude in the office with a touch of femininity and simplicity at the same time.

Zara AW 2015-16 Easy Office Clothing: floral flared dress, top & trousers

Zara Easy Office Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Apparels

First, to update women’s office look of the season, Zara suggests an appealing easy chic vibe defined by delightful yet fanciful flower with warm, elegant autumnal tones. The Spanish clothing label shows gorgeous sleeveless flared dress ($49.90) in airy fabrics featuring stunning floral print with patchwork detail, a flawless piece to wear with comfy knitted jersey ($19.90) while the chunky block heel ankle boots ($139.00) in black Italian leather add a glam accent. To refresh ladies’ autumn/winter 2015-16 closet Zara also brings a short sleeved floral printed top ($39.90) with patched chest pocket at front to pair with matching floral trousers ($49.90) in crepe fabric featuring stretch waist and fabulous flowing cut design to emphasize effortless yet energetic silhouette at the same time in the office while the seductive ankle boot is a must for a more bold and classic allure.

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Easy Office New Zara AW 2015-2016 Collection: tops, pleated and flowing trousers

Other must-have statement pieces of Zara Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Easy Office collection are also a relaxed chic attitude contrasting sleeveless top ($39.90) in white gentle fabric featuring comfy loose-fit silhouette with crewneck and sleeveless with black trim on the edge, and a fabulous cropped top ($39.90) in black featuring zip closure at back. As complement to the tops you can match each of them with black pleated trousers ($49.90) in crepe fabric or flowing pleated Bermuda shorts ($35.90) to accentuate a fresh elegance and relaxed look in the office while the white shiny pointed plimsolls($49.90) or heeled ankle boots are perfect elements to match the apparels.

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Zara FW 2015-16 Easy Office Look: sporty chic peplum jacket & sporty leather jacket

To refresh women’s office wear closet of the moment, Zara also offers superb yet fanciful peplum leather effect jacket ($69.90), delicate chic silk plumetis blouse ($49.90) in white featuring flowing cut with v-collar and long sleeves, short-sleeved plumetis blouse ($39.90) in black with polka dot pattern and transparent effect and netting detail at the shoulder section, or you can also opt for delightful sleeveless tie neck blouse ($39.90) in white lightweight fabric for superb casual yet feminine attitude with a touch of comfy allure at the same time.

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Zara Easy Office Fall Winter 2015-16 Footwear: flats, ankle-boots & court shoes

Zara Easy Office Autumn Winter 2015-16 Accessories: messenger, shopper bag & backpack

Zara Easy Office Fall/Winter 2015-16 Designer Shoes & Handbags

Devoted to ladies’ autumn/winter 2015-16 accessories wardrobe, Zara Easy Office also comes up with several choices of intriguing footwear. The classic glam heeled ankle boot ($119.90) in black smooth cow leather featuring strap with buckle and pointed toe, effortless chic ankle strap flat shoes ($49.90) in polished black, and the seductive stiletto heel court shoes ($49.90) while the designer messenger bag ($29.90) with practical design, studded shopper bag ($69.90) in black leather look or a statement lady like backpack ($59.90) enriched with gold-finished tones hardware is a cool accessory to emphasize a glam modern accent.

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Those are among the alluring style ideas we share here in to update your office as well as daily wear wardrobe of the season. Find out more delightful and gorgeous apparels, shoes, bags and other charming accessories distinguished by fresh, relaxed chic and effortless attitude through Zara Easy Office catalog AW15.

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Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – New York Fashion Week


If there’s one thing to be said about the latest Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2016 collection, it’s that there wasn’t a dull moment. With his in-your-face use of red, white, and blue, Jacobs quite literally celebrated what America means to him. And apparently that is a lot of different things. From the Forties to the Eighties (and every year in between), it seems the designer drew inspiration from everything he laid his eyes upon. There was glamour, grunge, street styles showgirl spunk, and a heavy usage of pop art that would have made Andy Warhol proud. What seemed to be sprinkled on top of the entire collection, however, was an idea of deconstructed Stars and Stripes.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

As for the variety of garments, there seemed to be no method to Marc Jacob’s madness. From start to finish, he created a fashion display that was as loud as an American Fourth of July fireworks show, which was portrayed just as he wanted it to be.

It is undeniable that all who were present were in for a wild treat. Yet spectators must have questioned Marc Jacobs’ thoughts when he was coming up with this fashion bonanza. One can only guess, but there are some valid questions to be raised; maybe even questions the designer had asked himself: why settle on going out with a bang when you can make each piece just as bold as the last? Why create a collection from one source of inspiration when you can mesh together multiple decades of fashion into one?

One thing that is for certain is that Jacobs celebrated diversity in his spring collection. He presented his models as actresses walking the red carpet (and even had them each stop on the red carpet for photos before continuing on to the real runway), each sporting a different trend from a multitude of decades. Jacobs also pulled in singer/songwriter Beth Ditto to model a white, embroidered gown with a high slit. Everyone from the audience to the models to the designer himself had a blast with this showing, and there is no other way he would have had it.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Although one issue I’m finding myself battling with is the idea of this collection as being ready-to-wear. There is no doubt that there are some beautiful pieces in the Marc Jacobs spring 2016 collection, but as an overall collection it seemed more of an attempt at celebrating his Americanism and creating an unforgettable, party of a runway show (a very successful attempt, might I add).

That all being said, as a collection of walking art, someone could look multiple times at each garment and find something new each time. There was clearly a close attention to detail that went into this line, and everything is pristinely executed, especially when looking at embroidery and tailoring.

There is no doubt in my mind that Marc Jacobs wanted his audience to walk away from an explosive performance, and he definitely accomplished that with the bright colors, prints, and uniquely eccentric patterns.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Ohhh, what do we have here? A beauty at its finest, and for now we don’t know any details about this fine piece of leather (but of course, we’ll give it to you straight once we get insider info soon!). The Small Chanel Boy Chained Tote Bag is a real winner when it comes to design and structure. Aside from double top handles, it even comes with a chain strap (which has a size that’s reminiscent of classic Boy bags) that can be draped beautifully on your shoulders, a very versatile piece indeed!

Quilted to perfection, we love the black leather exterior on this piece. It is one of the designs central to the label’s Fall Winter 2015 Collection, which featured a dazzling array of designer items as well. For now, we’re content with just a peek, but we know that we’ll be seeing a lot of this baby soon enough!

Stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming piece (and other bags) soon!

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Rainbow Lace, the New Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Designer Shoes

Introducing the Rainbow Lace, the newest lines of Dolce & Gabbana shoes collection for fall/winter 2016. Distinguished by flirtatious yet feminine lace embroidery with a touch of prestigious crystal appliqué, the luxury Italian fashion house comes up with various slippers and court shoes in several choices of soft and lively pastel colors. Well, let’s find out here in the must-have intriguing footwear of the season with the price list and details.

Rainbow Lace, Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2016 Slippers & Pumps Collection

Devoted to upgrade ladies’ autumn/winter 2016 footwear wardrobe, the latest arrivals Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace collection is unmistakably chic, elegant shoes defined by total ladylike allure and couture mood. Inspired by the name of a beautiful small town in Sicily; Taormina, the Rainbow Lace is exclusively offered in two choices of style; Taormina Lace Vally Flat Ballerinas ($ 845.00) &Taormina Belluci Pumps ($ 895.00). Available in pastel yellow, blue, rose, grey, green, navy, black, red, ivory white, nude, powder pink and other vibrant and soft, ladylike colors, both models are crafted in luxe cotton, viscose and silk blend fabrics with effortless slip-ons design featuring sensual lace embroidery with charming signature crystal brooch decoration at front and other workmanship details of the house. The enchanting slippers has inner sole with satin piping and 05 mm flat heel while the pump is enriched with seductive pointy tote and 60 mm Louis heel that add an extravagant court silhouette, a completely perfect element to emphasize a luxurious yet femininity accent while enhancing a magnificent look especially at important events or any other cheerful evening occasions of the season.

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Rainbow Lace AW 2016: Taormina Lace Vally Slippers With BroochDolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2016 Shoes Rainbow Lace: Slip-on Flat BallerinasRainbow Lace Dolce & Gabbana: Lace Vally Slippers with Taormina Brooch $845.00

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Rainbow Lace FW 2016: Taormina Lace Belluci Pumps With BroochDolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2016 Shoes Rainbow Lace: Pointed-Toe Court PumpsDolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace: Taormina Lace Belluci 60 mm-Heel Court Shoes with Brooch $895.00

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Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – New York Fashion Week

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Ralph Lauren started his ready-to-wear spring collection off with a clean white jumpsuit, but he used small details in order to hint at what the audience should expect from the show. The 75-year-old designer donned the youthful looking model in a low, sailor-esque hat, with navy blue accessories that hinted at the idea of a nautical theme for the Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2016 line-up, but the audience couldn’t quite be sure yet. Even with his second look, Lauren appeared to be toying with his viewers by giving more hints, as with a “U.S.R.L. 1967” patch on the front of his second look: another white jumpsuit. But these subtle hints crumbled away once the next look hit the runway, and the audience was certain they were introduced to Lauren’s maritime vision.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Featuring youthful dresses in nautical classics of navy, white, and bright orange, Lauren showed his range as a designer, with a variety of dresses, pants, jackets, and gowns, all of which were impeccably made. It is hard to pinpoint the best pieces in the Ralph Lauren spring 2016 collection, because they all work so well together, and there are so many different categories that he encompassed in the show. One of his first pieces, which is a real staple, is a lightweight, navy blue tailored jacket, with large gold buttons for embellishment to support the nautical theme.
Lauren doesn’t stop, however, with the traditional sailor inspiration. He gives his audience the whole maritime experience, drawing inspiration from all aspects of the world at sea. The first glimpse of this inspiration is his floor-length, white skirt that seemed to mimic rolling waves, paired with the classic sailor, striped navy and white top and tied sweater. The next striking textile was one that appeared to be water itself, rippling as it walked the catwalk, in the form of a capris-length jumpsuit.

The designer has a whimsical way of introducing new ideas to his show, without totally giving away the surprise for the audience. The first main showing of this idea was with his introduction to the vibrant geometric pattern. His look featuring a thin navy sweater over a white polo, with navy resort pants featured a yellow stripe down the side.This was the first sight of yellow in this collection, but it was subtle. This following look, which was just as simple, featured the model carrying a large bag with the vibrant pattern on it. It did wonders for accentuating the outfit, and playfully nudge the audience to the idea of introducing the bold, unexpected pattern to the collection, and the usage of the pattern ended with a full-length evening gown. He later used this same idea to introduce the bright red color.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

There is something safe yet intricate about the amount of white pieces Lauren put in his line. A standout of the show, however, was his white, tea-length dress with lace-up top, featuring a tan belt for accentuation. His use of tan leather continues through the collection, in a variety of jackets, pants, and accessories.

Ralph Lauren’s spring 2016 collection featured a multitude of must-have garments, and really showed his expertise in dressmaking. It’s hard to pinpoint the best pieces of the night, but he definitely gave a spectacular nine-gown finale, with each dress being just as glamorous as the one before. With cotton fabrics, the traditionally glamorous eveningwear was given a humble twist, allowing for spectacular silhouettes to be achieved with a more everyday fabric. We couldn’t have asked for a better finale.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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The latest accessory to join your wardrobe should, without a doubt, be the classy new Givenchy clutch. This particular minaudière, which acts as a jewelry-piece-cum-evening-purse, is made of soft gold-toned brass and is a complete makeover from regular minaudières with its upright rectangular curvy shape and smooth edges. The metal clutch has a soft leather lining on the inside and though, at first glance it resembles a flask or a gadget case of some sort, we can’t help but be intrigued by its pale luster and stark absence of clutter.


The clutch could definitely be the perfect accessory for an evening soirée or event. The subtly striking color could add glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe and could be paired with almost anything; though a black outfit would be best suited. You can buy the gold brass clutch at Net-A-Porter for $2,600.


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