Top 5 Monogrammed Moments: This Time It’s Personal

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Top 5 Monogrammed Moments

In the age of mass-produced goods, it takes a bit effort to be unique. Not only is cultivating your own personal style paramount to standing out, the most literal way to do it is one of the best! Monogramming is one of my favorite ways to personalize my things. Be it my bedsheets or bags, large and proud or small and succinct, loudly emblazoned or subtly hidden, few details will make your belongings feel as special as emblazoning them with your own initials.

1. Fendi 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper:icon Fendi’s 2Jours isn’t just still one of the best bags du jour. It has serious staying power, especially once you take your new one to your local Fendi boutique for some personalization. At Nordstrom for $2,350.

2. Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram: Make your classic Louis luggage, tote, or Speedy (among many other bag options) feel doubly bespoke by also selecting racing stripes in the hues and placement of your choice. Prices vary, at Louis Vuitton.

3. Bottega Veneta Initials: When you’ve got a serious case of the monogramming bug (or are in search of the perfect personalized gift), Bottega’s Initials service is a dream. Intrecciato plus your distinct letters adds up to woven perfection. Prices vary, at Bottega Veneta.

4. Goyard Luggage: Go to Goyard’s website for endless customizing possibilities, from color palette to motif to, of course, the wording of your choice. Prices vary, at Goyard.

5. T. Anthony Engraving: T. Anthony provides the complimentary etching of up to three letters on most of their reliable leather goods. In capitalized Helvetica font, you also get to select the size. Prices vary, at T. Anthony.

Top 5 Monogrammed Moments

Top 5 Monogrammed Moments

Top 5 Monogrammed Moments

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Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary Boots: Snake and Heel and Red All Over

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Python with paint splatters: looks like there was an accident when painting the signature soles. These boots invoke Christian’s humorous and fun personality. That’s probably why this pair has already sold out. Everyone wants a piece of shoes history, and what can be a better tribute than a shoe that shows what we love about the man who has catapulted the love of shoes from an obsession to a religion (that us snobs will never fail to worship).

That’s one heck of a heel (6.5 inches) but Loubi wearers have the soul and (the sole!) to work it. Obviously, with a pair this powerful, you should just let ‘em shine and keep everything else to a minimum. (Picture an all black look with these as the star.) Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t have fun, but honestly, with these on, how could you not?!

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New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3: Delpozo, Donna Karan, and Sophie Theallet


New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Modern but reminiscent of the past. Prim but not prissy. Crisp and clean but rich and wild. Oh, and brimming with unadulterated beauty. Delpozo is all of these things and more, and their breathtaking Spring ’15 collection brings all their trademarks of visual splendor and expert craftsmanship to new heights. In just a couple short years, designer Joseph Font has thoroughly invigorated the relaunched Spanish label, and this is his best showing yet.

Folds reminiscent of origami, impossibly rich jacquards, intricate tropical patterns, and floral accents more like sculpture than your typical embellishments gave way to bold silhouettes. With exaggerated peplums, avant-garde culotte shorts (that actually look flattering), and hemlines that seem to defy gravity, Delpozo’s magical play on shapes just gets better and better. Everyone is doing crop tops now, but theirs are so covetable they’ll motivate you to do those extra reps of crunches (and bicep curls, for that matter)

When it comes to the evening looks, Delpozo’s fully bloomed folds and heavily detailed explosions of sheer tulle aren’t for the faint of heart but they are for the confident and romantic. This is an ethereal, almost untouchable brand of femininity.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Donna Karan’s show notes gave a simple instruction: “Paint the town with urban chic.” For her Spring ’15 collection, Donna embraced both the abstract art world and the hourglass curves of the female form, sending super-sophisticated gallery girls and cutting-edge city-slickers of the artsy variety down her concrete-paved runway. If there is any mistake about her elevated sense of edginess, just look at those sky-high hats (Pharrell Williams in his Vivienne Westwood topper ring a bell?).

Elements of wild brushstrokes, graffiti, stamps, and collage made their way into the body-hugging pencil skirts, belted cocktail dresses, ruched bustiers, and blousy, cropped pants. These dynamic, layered patterns will instantly transfix; each piece makes for a miniature visual feast that brings to mind Basquiat in the ‘80s, when throwing paint in your loft gave way to high art. Donna balances it all out with plenty of cinched waists and enough pattern-free looks to keep the mood tempered. Rarely does such exuberance come out of a relatively muted color palette. Evidently, Donna’s muse – the very womanly woman – serves her well.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

Feeling vacation-ready upon catching many of the Spring ’15 shows? Lighthearted and upbeat, Sophie Theallet is a few steps ahead of you. The designer was inspired by the music and colors of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where Marilyn Monroe was known to vacation and where Sophie traveled with a friend this past year. But she didn’t go your basic, bohemian, beach-babe route. By blending tropical flavor with the inherent chic of her Parisian background, she delivered a relaxed yet elegant collection that oozes joie de vivre. She also shows you don’t have to reveal it all – just a subtle slit here or a flash of clavicle there – to connote warm-weather vibrance.

So what to pack on your next jaunt (or wear when you’re feeling like bringing some pep to your city life)? Multicolored strappy sandals, the result of a collaboration with Jean-Michel Cazabat, and thick leather belts with swirls and swerves of punchy colorblocking. Swingy dresses and mix-and-match separates with punchy, graphic prints. Evening gowns of liquid-like satin and wonderfully ornate prints with deceptively simple knotted necklines. Thin, wear-everywhere cardigans and lightly pleated skirts cut to catch the breeze whether you’re on the pavement or in the sand. Looks like Sophie Theallet just planned your spring wardrobe.

New York Fashion Week Roundup, Part 3

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Trend Alert: Leg Chains

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Trend Alert

For those blessed with beautifully skinny thighs, or those with a cardio regimen that earns them, this style is perfect to draw some attention to those gams. Leg chains have been on the party set as well as the festival set this summer, with early believers including Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Vanessa Hudgens. Thigh chains can lean a little toward S&M garter if you aren’t careful, but since you are on Snob Essentials we shall just assume you know to keep that in check when out on the town.

This one is shaping up to be my favorite. It’s more of a side-leg chain which seems a bit less restrictive but still adds that bit of shine beneath those destroyed denim shorts. At Forever 21icon for $30.

Trend Alert
GypsyLovinLight offers this absolutely beautiful leg chain for $48. It will add some intrigue to your favorite denim shorts or sundress. Available in silver or gold on GypsyLovinLight for $48.

Trend Alert

Here is a wispy version in gold that could attend a more formal event; those of you getting married soon in a more bohemian-style setting could even rock this in place of a traditional ruffle-infested garter. On Etsy.

Julia Hagen is currently a student at the Gemological Institute of America. Her love for jewelry started with a red bead bracelet she received as a birthday gift from her grandfather around the age of five. Other healthy addictions include shoes, Crossfit, photography and researching jewelry arts.

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Bag of the Week: Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

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Bag: Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: This inventive, architectural shoulder bag isn’t brand new, but we’ve noticed it gaining momentum among fashion insiders, celebs and our readers alike. It’s certainly an eye-catcher.

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Chanel’s Cruise 2017 Show To Take Place In Cuba

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Is Karl Lagerfeld ever going to stop working restlessly, or at least start seeking more conventional places to show his Chanel’s cruise collections? Probably not, or at least not now, as proved by his latest decision to show the upcoming Chanel cruise 2017 collection in (drum rolls, please) Havana, Cuba! Although being a culturally rich country full of traditions and history, Cuba has until this year been almost inaccessible to anyone, who was willing to seek any sort of inspiration from this amazing country.

Chanel's Cruise 2017 Show To Take Place In Havana, Cuba

In fact, for a few months already, with trade relations starting to open up between Cuba and the USA, travelers, businessmen and artists have decided to finally explore the Caribbean archipelago. Cuba has increased its popularity since earlier this year, becoming one of the most popular destinations for many celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Rihanna and the rock & roll star Mick Jagger. Karl Lagerfeld also decided to contribute to the new Cuban chapter, explaining his choice of the location for the Chanel cruise 2017 show stating that “the cultural wealth and the opening of Cuba to the world, make the country a source of inspiration for me and Chanel”.

On the other hand, being the first Latin American country to ever host a Chanel cruise collection’s fashion show, Cuba will also represent a new chapter in Chanel’s history. So, for this forthcoming cruise collection we must expect a mixture of French, Caribbean and Latin American influences, which will probably give Chanel a whole new and unexpected look.

However, although Chanel’s fashion show is going to be the first major fashion event to hit the Cuban capital (its cruise 2017 collection is set to take place in Havana on May 3, 2016), Lagerfeld is not the first fashion designer who found himself greatly inspired by the Cuban culture and nature. Most recently, in fact, designers such as Proenza Schouler’s creative directors and Stella McCartney have been influenced by Cuba, giving their resort 2016 collections a colorful and cheerful Caribbean look.

Cuba, which tried to enter the fashion circuit in the late Eighties with a fashion show called ‘Cubamoda’ (sponsored by the French brand Contrex and which hosted designers such as Paco Rabanne), may finally be ready to enter the spotlight thanks to Chanel. There’s already great anticipation about the event, and many newspapers and reporters can’t help but show their great excitement about it.“In Cuba next spring, leading fashion figures will gather in Havana in one of the most anticipated events in the past half century,” stated an official report by AIN, the Cuban official distributor.

Since the early ’00s, Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld has circled the globe with his cruise fashion events, flying from Dubai to Singapore, Venice and, most recently, to Seoul. He has always drawn great inspiration from these exotic and exciting cultures, creating some of his most acclaimed pieces. Cuba’s unexplored territory is surely giving a lot of work to Lagerfeld, and we can’t do anything but wait for the designer’s next unconventional show.

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