Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Being a student is an exciting time in your life when you are young, and a bright future is ahead of you. It’s the time when you can focus primarily on your studies. Of course, the amount of writing coursework you have to complete may be overwhelming, but you can find experienced tutors on afabulous essay writing service and have time for fun.

College years are also a great time for learning to manage your money in a smart way and managing your personal finances should be a priority for you. It’s important to establish good financial habits and learn to make smart choices about your money. In this way, you’ll be able to set up a strong financial foundation for the future.

Here are some easy tips for mastering money management that can help you develop the smart money habits and build wealth over the course of your lifetime.


It’s the first thing that you should do. You should make a list of monthly income sources, including money you get from parents, income from a job, savings, and money coming from grants and student loans, etc. Then you should categorize estimated expenses for a month in advance to understand where your money is going. When making a list of college living expenses, you should take into account such costs as textbooks and school supplies, laundry and personal care items, food and eating out, socializing, going to the movies, etc.

You can use spreadsheet templates or online budgeting tools to create a budget, track your expenses, and get insight where you need to cut back. Manage your budget and try to stick to it.


According to statistics, about 41% of millennials have student loan debt, so they often have to delay buying homes and getting married. That’s why you should be proactive and don’t take more student loans than you need so that you could have freedom in your future job choices. Borrow as much as you require for your education and don’t take cash to fund an extravagant lifestyle because you’ll have serious problems later. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay back all the money you borrow and the interest rates. You’d better choose subsidized federal student loans that are interest-free while you study at college so they will cost you less money in the long run.

You should use student loan wisely for the right things – tuition, housing, books but not on new clothes or social outings. Learn to live frugally and try to spend less than you earn.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


Do you know that your student status can save you money? Many businesses near college campuses offer student discounts so you should look for such services, restaurants, local venues. You can really save a large amount of money during the school year if you find great deals.

It’s so tempting to plan social activities that cost money and go out to eat. But there are a lot of exciting things in life that can cost you nothing. You only need to get creative and think about options of at-home entertainment. There are also free or low-cost social activities, for example, school-sponsored adventure trips, city-sponsored events or outdoor concerts. It is possible to live on a budget and have fun.  


Textbooks cost a lot of money and are one of the biggest college expenses. There is no need to buy brand new editions of textbooks. You’d better stay away from the campus bookstore which is the most expensive place to buy books. You can borrow books for free from the library or look for textbooks in used bookstores. The good idea is to purchase books online on eBay or Amazon and sell them back at the end of the semester advertising them on social media websites. You can also take advantage of eBooks offering because they are less expensive.


Find a part-time job to earn some extra cash and fund your social life, save something for books and supplies or even pay off student loan interest while you are at college. You should look for flexible work-study positions. There are plenty of on-campus jobs with limited interactions/responsibilities that will allow you to make money and stay productive, having enough time to do your homework. Such jobs won’t be a burden to your schoolwork. Freelance can also be a good option to make some money on the side.

College can be expensive, but if you develop smart budgeting and spending habits, you will feel more confident when making financial decisions and will graduate without massive debt. Follow these effective money tips, and you will be able to make it through college without making too many financial mistakes.


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Modern Modest Fashion
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

In 2018, modest fashion is no longer a niche with just a handful of followers. Judging by what we see on catwalks and social media, modest fashion is slowly becoming an international buzzword that changes the way in which faith, fashion, and glamour intertwine.

But what is modest fashion exactly? One way of explaining this style would be to take it literally: to dress modestly, appropriately, in a way that doesn’t draw attention. Kate Middleton’s outfits are representative of modest fashion. At every public appearance, she looks elegant and sophisticated, the cuts are clean and flattering, but not in a scandalous and provocative way. Long sleeves, high necklines, and conservative cuts are the key elements in modest fashion, without becoming old or outdated.

Another interpretation of modest fashion (and the most interesting one to observe, as it continues to grow its influence into the closed world of high-end fashion) is fashion that is appropriate for the followers of a particular faith. Hijabs, Khimars, Abayas, and Jilbabs, are examples of Muslim clothing items that are being honored by modern designers in a unique way that blends tradition with glamour. In this faith-fashion fusion, designers respect the religious background of traditional clothing items, while at the same time adding a modern twist.

Haute Couture Modest Fashion Honors Faith & Glamour
Photo Credit: Bokitta

Large fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Atelier Versace have started to incorporate Muslim-inspired elements in their designs, but it’s independent local designers that do the most justice to this style and offer haute fashion inspiration to women who want to dress well while at the same time respecting their spiritual heritage.

Although Hijabs and Abayas are inadvertently tied to Muslim culture, local fashion designers have turned them into haute couture accessories that hold their own. Take the case of Hana Tajima for example, whose collaboration with UNIQLO has turned her into one of the most inspirational Muslin designers. Her designs incorporate the traditional values behind Muslim clothing and add a modern touch that proves modest fashion doesn’t have to be plain or glamourless.

Modest fashion is headed in a direction where women are encouraged to wear Hijabs that fit well and can be worn for elegant occasions. Bokitta™, a Lebanon-based hijab fashion brand encompasses comfort and class, offering stylish options to women who want to buy unique Hijabs.  They break the stereotypes surrounding Muslim fashion, proving that Muslim women don’t have to be restricted to a bland style of clothing. Their designs, which have been praised for their beauty, have the whole package: culturally appropriate, sophisticated and well-tailored.

Modest fashion stands out through unique and sophisticated designs, but, at the same time, founders also try to implement ethical practices, partnering with local social enterprises like Sew Suite to provide employment to socially disadvantaged local women.

Modest Fashion Look
Photo Credit: Deposit Photo

And of course, we couldn’t talk about the rise to power of modest fashion without considering the huge influence that social media has played in the equation. Social media influencerslike Sahar Shaykzada and Hani Hans have gained tens of thousands of followers by showcasing their makeup skills and showing that wearing a Hijab or other Muslim clothing items don’t have to be restricted for one’s beauty and that fashion and religion can meet. Before social media, Muslim fashion was overrepresented in the news media, but underrepresented everywhere else. Now, we can see a rise in Muslim influencers.

Haute Couture Modest Fashion Honors Faith & Glamour
Photo Credit: Bokitta

Ten years ago, going into a store to find that perfect item of modest clothing was nearly impossible. You either had to spend thousands on a basic item or settle for something completely bland and uninspiring. Now, thanks to the contribution of Muslim designers, women no longer have to settle for less.

The fact that Muslim designers also preserve their faith in their creations means a lot as well. In the age of mass-produced fast fashion, modest fashion offers a breath of fresh air. Because items such as the Hijab are highly personal, they need to offer the perfect fit, and this can be achieved only by using high-quality fabrics and a handmade weaving process. What’s more, these clothing items feature artisanal patterns and traditional motifs.  

All these changes in the Muslim fashion world contribute to the growth of this sector, which has been focusing on luxury for years. High and low-end designers come up with fresh new capsule collections, and their popularity no longer remains at a local level.

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Carolina Herrera Bridal’sfall-winter 2019 collection features twelve elegant gowns perfect for the modern-day bride. Bridging timeless sophistication with current details, the designs come in a traditional palette of ivory white. The Carolina Herrera woman embraces fitted bodices paired with full and flared skirts. Floral embroidery, sheer lace and dramatic ruffles decorate the wedding dresses. Oversized bows are planted on the back of the designs and of course, there are long trains perfect for a dramatic entrance.

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Other Brands

The Small Clutch With Chain has been tested over and over again, and it survived. This bag is cheaper than the WOC and in every season it comes with a new style.

For the Fall Winter 2018 Collection, the Chanel Small Clutch with Chain is even lovelier. Remember the Golden Class Double CC? The logo design looks very similar, but we feel the new one looks more modern.

The Design

The Small Clutch With Chain is one of the most affordable Chanel Bags (for now). This new style is made with shiny lambskin but in flat diamond quilting (not bubbly quilting). The front features a leather strap as closure and it’s designed with the new CC logo in 3D style. It’s very similar like the Gold Class Double CC Bag.

And just like the classic bag, it comes with woven chain leather strap for shoulder and cross body carry. The Small Clutch With Chain offers the same luxury as the bigger bags yet it’s cheaper. However, it does come with a downside and that’s the interior space.

The Interior

This Clutch With Chain is not a big bag, but perfect for the night-outs. Or when you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. The interior is created with zip pockets.

The Sizes And Prices

Style code A81433, measuring 3.9’ x 1.6’ x 7.5’ inches, priced at $2255 USD, $2575 CAD, €1890 EUR, £1690 GBP, $3160 SGD, $15700 HKD, $3160 AUD, ¥254880 JPY, ₩2376000 WON via Chanel boutiques.

More Images And Colors

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Margaret Qualley stars in Kate Spade Holiday 2018 campaign
Margaret Qualley stars in Kate Spade Holiday 2018 campaign

Actress Margaret Qualley lands her fourth consecutive campaign as the face of Kate Spade’s Holiday 2018 collection. Captured by Inez & Vinoodh, the brunette poses in a pair of black and white images. The first showcases a party scene complete with the Sam bag in a baby pink hue. In the second, Margaret poses in the snow wearing a fluffy coat and bow adorned pumps. In addition to the print advertisements, the actress also appears in a short film where she gets into the festive spirit.

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GET THE LOOK: Kate Spade Sam Medium Satchel Bag in Pink $198

GET THE LOOK: Kate Spade Sam Medium Satchel Bag in Black $198
GET THE LOOK: Kate Spade Sam Medium Satchel Bag in Black $


Keep it classic in a black satchel bag featuring a timeless shape.

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